Introduction The cloud is a big, exciting concept. But it can be intimidating to work with. How do you get started? Where do you deploy your applications? What types of clouds are there? These questions (and more) will be answered in this guide to cloud deployment models. In this article […]

Introduction Scalability, Elasticity and Cloud Computing are three terms that have become synonymous with the technology industry. As we enter a new era of computing, these terms have become more important than ever before. This article will take a look at what each term means, when they can be used […]

Introduction Cloud computing is one of the most important technological advancements of our time. It has provided businesses with new ways to optimize their operations and has given consumers access to a wide range of services that were once only available for those who could afford them. For example, before […]

Introduction Cloud computing has changed the way we do business. It’s easier to implement and maintain, and it allows for on-demand scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing. But what exactly is cloud computing? Cloud computing is a way of accessing applications, storage, and other services over the internet. Traditionally, IT departments have […]

Introduction Interoperability and portability are terms used to describe the ability of a service or product to work with other services or products, as well as its ability to be moved between different cloud environments. These concerns are forcing enterprises to demand more from their IT vendors, especially when it […]

Introduction If you’re using a cloud provider to store your data, it’s important to know what security is and how it works. Security is not just about keeping hackers out of your system; it’s about protecting the integrity of the data you have stored in the cloud as well. Cloud […]

Introduction Cloud computing is a hot topic today, but what exactly does it mean? The term “cloud computing” has been used for years to describe technologies that allow users to store, access and process data on the internet. Cloud computing was first introduced in 2006 by CEO Marc Benioff […]