How To Care For Your Car During Winters – A Guide

Winter weather can take a toll on your car. Proper maintenance is crucial to keep your vehicle in excellent shape throughout the year. This article offers comprehensive winter car care advice to ensure your car stays in good working condition during the chilly months. It also talks about the importance of buying car insurance online. Besides regular insurance, one can also buy car insurance add ons to increase protection. 

In some regions of India, where winters can be harsh, it’s essential to prepare your car adequately. This proactive approach extends your car’s lifespan and potentially reduces maintenance or repair costs. Discover practical car care tips to keep your vehicle resilient in challenging winter conditions.

  1. Check Vehicle Lights:

With less daylight in winter due to earlier sunset times, it’s crucial to ensure your car lights are in optimal condition. Examine headlights, tail lights, turn indicators, and reverse lights. Replace any non-functional lights promptly to maintain safety on the road.

  1. Battery Maintenance:

Cold weather poses a challenge to car batteries, making it essential to check their condition before winter. Unlike in warmer temperatures, a weak battery may fail to function in the cold. Before embarking on a long journey, examine your battery and replace it if necessary to avoid potential roadside breakdowns.

  1. Windscreen Inspection:

The car’s windscreen is crucial, protecting the cabin from elements like snow, rain, and wind. Thoroughly check for cracks or water seepage, which can hinder visibility during cold weather. Address issues promptly using the defroster or climate control system to prevent fog, mist, or frost build-up.

  1. Coolant And Engine Oil Replacement:

Mere top-ups may not suffice if your engine oil or coolant has been unchanged for an extended period. Consider using a lighter engine oil suitable for colder weather conditions. Refer to your owner’s manual for recommended temperature ranges, ensuring you fill the engine oil and coolant as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

  1. Engine Warm-Up:

Starting your car’s engine and allowing it to warm up is a simple yet effective winter preparation measure. This helps the engine oil reach all engine parts, promoting efficient operation. After a few minutes of revving, the engine should be adequately warmed up, reducing wear and tear.

  1. Climate Control And Defroster Check:

Ensure that the climate control system, responsible for keeping you warm, and the defroster, preventing icy or foggy windows, are in working order. Replace or repair them as needed to maintain optimal functionality.

  1. Extend Your Car Policy

It can be costly to repair your car’s damage from cold weather. It is wise to maintain car insurance at all times to lessen monetary losses. You can quickly buy car insurance online or renew your car insurance by utilising online channels, including the website and mobile app of the insurer. You can use a car insurance calculator to calculate the estimated costs of your premiums.

Ensuring your car’s insurance policy includes the right Insured declared value idv for car insurance is crucial for comprehensive coverage during winters, safeguarding your vehicle against potential damages in challenging weather conditions. *

* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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