Introduction Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that creates and overlays an interactive computer-generated experience on top of the user’s natural environment. The resulting effects are similar to those seen in virtual reality, but with different levels of immersion and interaction. The importance of having an interactive component for applications […]

Introduction The digital transformation is all about improving the way we interact with technology. But how do you make sure that your business can keep up with these rapid changes? Cloud computing offers a powerful solution by providing access to flexible and scalable data storage, processing and analysis capabilities that […]

Introduction Cloud computing is a hot topic today, but what exactly does it mean? The term “cloud computing” has been used for years to describe technologies that allow users to store, access and process data on the internet. Cloud computing was first introduced in 2006 by CEO Marc Benioff […]

Introduction Cloud computing has changed the way we use technology and how companies do business. The cloud is a network of remote servers hosted by a third party that provides access through the internet. This model allows users to store files or share them with other users and also allows […]